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I have always thought I held a little fat around my chest  as I used to be a little chubby around puberty so never really noticed the problem develop.

Last year I got into weight lifting and since putting on some pec muscle I have noticed that the problem now looks worse, as the saggy enlarged nipple gives my pecs a rather feminine look which I am quite unhappy about given the amount of effort I have put into getting into shape. I never had a problem taking my shirt off in public before, but now I don't want to as I am very self conscious about the fact that my pecs look strange / feminine.

Is the only option to get rid of my problem to get an operation? I would like to hear other peoples opinions on my pictures, especially if they have a comparable case themself.

I am 6ft 2 inches tall, 190lbs, around 13% bodyfat at a guess.

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mild case...its up to u if u NEED surgery
8 years of suffering Mild gyne...
2 surgeries & $6,000 later....
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Mine is similar to yours, and I am getting surgery soon. Money is the deciding factor for many people, but if you have it to spend, then go for it. And i'm gonna have to say that you are not close to 13%BF.
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Direct Excision and Liposuction.
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Gyne's there but mild case. Surgery can be an option but not necessary ... It's up to you

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Does anyone think there is any chance from looking at my photos that it may just be fat? Or does it look glandular for sure? Any chance it might go away if I drop below 10% bodyfat?

I don't have any hard lumps and my pecs look perfectly normal when cold or after a long run.

Yeah, maybe a little more than 13% bodyfat then. That was based on my cheapo "free with tokens off a cerial packet" body fat monitor. It says im 16% but I heard if they don't have an athletic mode then knock around 3% off a normal reading if you do weights or alot of sport.
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It looks a lot like mine, a little protrusion with puffy nipples. I'm suprised you have no gland though, i've heard on here your gland can sometimes be hidden though, and even if you dont think you have glands you still can. Personally i doubt it would go away if you lost weight, but its definitely wortha try, even if it doesnt work you will be in better shape.

For an ultimate opinion i would recomend seeing a competent doctor about it if you havn't. I still havnt been able to talk to mine.

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I would think that if it were fat, it would be more in your overall chest area and not isolated to behind your areola, as it looks to be in these pics.

I'd guess gland not fat and surgery would probably be necessary. Good luck to you, keep us posted.

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Before going down the surgery route I think I am going to try running 40mg Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex) every day, see if that reduces it at all seeing as the problem is only mild.

Will be sure to post back any changes to keep everyone informed!

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It seems to me that you look good the way you are.


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