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i had surgery to remove mild puffy nipple gyno in June 2011. I had the surgery in South Korea where i live. consequently the surgeon is unable to explain to me in much detail the results of his work. The surgeon performed both gland removal and liposuction. in the two months following the op i had a few injections to deal with scar tissue. Things seemed to be okay after these but then in March, around 9 months after the initial surgery, i noticed that one of the nipples was getting puffy again. I returned to the surgeon who gave me two more rounds of steroid injection. I was wondering if this sounds like normal circumstances post op? 

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While it's difficult to address your entire course specifically, I would comment that Kenalog (steroid) injection is something that I do occasionally, not in most--not in many patients. It seems like your surgeon has done this quite a lot, so I'm not sure what about his technique required that.  So no, in my practice, it doesn't sound like "normal circumstances."

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