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Hello everyone,
                      I had my surgery 5 days ago and was able to look at my chest for the first time. I am pleased so far with my results. I will post some pictures shortly in a later post. I noticed a big blister on my right side which I take that it came from the adhesive bandages. Anyways, the blister seems big and filled with liquid.. I asked the doctor to pop it but he said just put polysporin on it...

What do you guys think? Should I pop it myself or leave it alone? I just wonder how it will heal with the compression bandages on all the time..?
How about the incisions? Should I put poly on that too?

You know my doctor was super rushed, so it felt and I was under quite a bit of pain from when he ripped off the bandages...they were really super stuck on my skin. Anyways as a result I didn't have time to ask him about it.

So take note fellas, always write down all of your questions and have them ready for any time you see your surgeon.!!


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