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looks great i also liked the blue one. Iused to have a couple of tight shirts like that but didnt wear them ofton . they looked good like you but not a fan of tight shirts. or necks. wear v necks. even with dress shirts I wear coller extenders when I absolutely have to dress up which isnt ofton

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This thread is incredible.  I hope it doesn't get removed or censored.

Yes, I can totally relate to this.  Being my own girlfriend was definitely a coping mechanism I used for many years.  There came a point in early adolescence where I thought that things weren't going to get better.  I developed very feminine roundish B-cup boobs, for which I was tormented over every single day.  I felt a lot of shame, but I realized that I not only didn't hate my breasts on their own, but I actually liked having them.  The way I saw it, if I had no chance to touch a girl or have one love me then my own feminine features would just have to be the next best thing.  In secret, I started to express a feminine side, first by trying on bras and, well, it eventually moved on to other girl clothes, wigs, makeup, etc.  It not only helped me reconcile the confusion of having boobs but it was a form of escapism.  It was only something I did when no one was around and when I had total privacy, never in public.  I managed to enjoy my boobs in many ways, as well as other parts of my body that were somewhat more feminized.  My butt has always been more full and roundish than the average guy, so I always thought I looked good in panties.  I even came up with a name for my girl persona.

Anyway, I was mostly able to grow out of it when I got older and managed to have actual girlfriends.  Every once in a while I still scratch that itch even though I've since had surgery.  You don't just don't have that sort of shame induced confusion during puberty and not get a permanent effect from it.  I don't at all regret having the surgery because it really changed my life and helped me live my life how I'm supposed to, as a man, but I admit that I miss my boobs sometimes.
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That's a very interesting history. I'm very happy for you that you are very happy with your life's path.🥰🤗

As most here know I took a different path with my gynecomastia. I started my marriage as a heterosexual couple with my beautiful wife. After 10 years of denial, we began our transition to a lesbian couple and are both still happily married. 

The biggest challenge that we face is having a shared wardrobe.😄 We try to make sure that we plan ahead so there's no "hey, I was going to wear that!" or the other one, "have you seen the.....?, yah, it's in the laundry." 

The good stuff, I can't really share on the open forum 😉💋.

Love yah guys, 

Sophie ❤️
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Thanks!  And I'm glad that you found your happy path as well.

I almost ended up on a similar path to yours, on a couple of occasions actually.  I was lucky enough to be with a girl who was totally into my boobs and though my feminine alter ago wasn't directly a part of it, the way we did things in bed became closer to lesbianism than totally cis-straight.  If that relationship lasted, maybe we would have fully transitioned.


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