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I has my first consultation with Doctor. I am 58 years old. I have level III . Since skin removal is necessary, how bad should scarring be? My breast are large enough the Dr showed me photos of women who had breast reduction,along with men. Most photos had a pretty long scar coming straight down from the nipple.Is that the most common procedure?

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It r4ally depends on the amount of skin and the position of the nipple.  Their is a variety of choices. Send a photo.
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Photos would be helpful.  Generally, I would guess that most of the surgeons on this forum use a technique that would not include a vertical incision from the nipple down, as is used in female breast reduction.  Generally, improved contour can be achieved with an incision in the "infra-mammary" position--at the bottom of the chest--and one around the nipple.  These incisions are in normal anatomic lines, and since the goal is to create a flat contour, rather than a conical breast as in women, the vertical scar can be avoided.

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There are two factors
1) your inherent tendency for scarring which result in anything between a thin line scar and a thick keloid or hypertrophic scar. Every patient is different

2) the amount of skin removed a small amount equals a small scar while large skin removal volumes require larger scars.
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Thank you Doctors. I appreciate the info.


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