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I posted before this week about my my post-op hematoma.  It was scary and set right right side back a week of healing but everything is ok.  Here is the quick story and some before/after pics.

I've been struggling with gyne since my early teen years.  I was never "huge" but I was overweight.  Unlike most overweight people my age, I alway felt my chest was uncomfortably large.  As I got older it got worse mentally and I guess physically.  I was working out a little in hs and college and realized it was making the gyne worse.  I've been on this site for a while but just reading everyone's experiences and looking at before/after pics.  Now that I have a good job and some time off, I decided it was time to look into surgery.  I talked to my mom about it first and she was very understanding and supportive - she almost seemed relieved that I was ready to tackle it head on.   I scheduled a consultation with Dr. D. Fisher who also worked on a friend of mine (not gyne) so I knew he was a professional.

When I went for the consultation I was nervous but he and his office staff are top notch.  He knew it was gyne right away and discussed his method and technique.  Without hesitation I scheduled surgery for July 23, almost a month after consultation.   It would have been sooner but I had some summer plans I could not cancel.

The day of surgery went smooth.  The nurses were very nice.  I got all of the vitals/tests done and then had to get into the gown and bed.  I was soon hooked up to an IV and waited there with my parents for about 30 mins.  Dr. Fisher came in and explained the procedure once again and then marked me up.  He left, the anesthesiologist came in and explained her part and I was ready to go.   I was rolled into the OR and before I knew it I was knocked out.

Woke up in the recovery room and was very mentally awake, but my mouth didn't want help spit out all of the words. Dr. Fisher told me everything went well and would see me that week. I was there for about 30 minutes then taken to another recovery room.  The nurse there was also very helpful and ran a few more tests.  My parents were called in to wait with me while I recovered and they said the surgery took 4.5 hours!  He told us 2-3 hours before, but he told them he took longer because he kept double-checking and wanted to make sure everything was great.  I was bandaged up and had the vest on and knew I had to wait 4 days to see any result (next Dr. visit). 

Recovery at home was easy.  I felt sore and didn't need the painkillers.  I did have drains which was the most uncomfortable part.  I took it easy all week and got caught up on a lot of movies I had on queue.  I went to Dr. Fisher's office Thursday hoping to see the results and to get the drains removed.  He removed the drains but I was nervous to look down at my chest.  I finally did and I was in shock!  So much flatter than I imagined.  He told me he took out 140g of tissue out of my right side and 142g out of my left.  I was quickly bandaged up and went home.  I took more peeks at home and showed my parents.  We were all amazed.  No swelling and no bruising.

Read my post about what happened the following Sunday night here:,11148.0.html

After reading that you'll see why my right side is not the same as the left...but they're close.  Attached are the before/after pics.  Pre-op pics were taken July 23 and post-op were taken August 2nd. Let me know what you guys think.  Nipples are a bit swollen still but they have stitches and I know time will make things better. 

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Anyone have any comments?  :)

I'm 2 weeks post-op and everything is looking better.  I'll post more pics when I see the PS on Wednesday.  I will try to get the pre-op pics and current ones.

Please let me know what you guys think!

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the results look amazing!...really flat

i think its a better result than mine (my case was slightly more severe also)


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