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Hi, I've had this since I was 11-12, I always thought it was fat or something and I've wanted and tried to get rid of my chest for a long time, but nothing seems to work. I'm normal weight in BMI and I'm quite happy with my body, just gotta pump some iron first and lose a few pounds.

But I want to get some answers first before I go to a doctor. First of all, do I have gynecomastia? My nipples havent been never hard (well except sometimes, no more than 5-10 mins) and I can feel a quite hard lump phen I pinch my nipple from the sides. I've got a bit of fat in my chest but fat alone can't make my chest like this.

It's not a freak show, it's a MOOB SHOW :D

But seriously, I wanna get rid of these fking things. Tell me about gynecomastia and treatment a bit, I've been reading a bit but wont hurt to know more.

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Looks like you have it there to me unfortunately  :'(

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Welcome to the club that on one wants to be a member of.   Yes you got it and i would say it is a 6 out of 10.   It kinda looked like mine.   The puffy nipple thing is the worst and i know what your going through.  I bet it looks really bad in a under shirt tank top ?   I went to Dr Delgado in san fran and he fixed me up.   He is the man but it's going to cost you about 7500 bucks


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Just like I thought, kinda sucks and I realised it could be gyne jsut a while a go :S

Well but mourning about it wont get it any better, I'm glad weve got a good health system here in europe, except that you have to wait for a loooong time sometimes.

I hope im not sick on monday so I "can" go see our school doc :S

But thanks for the posts I'll keep reading
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