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Hello everyone, I have been on this board for a while now reading everyones posts/experiences and finally decided to go for the surgery myself. I am a 24yr old male that has been suffering from Gyno since I was 14, and I've had enough! I have always beem an athletic person, but no matter how extreme my diet was, my d**n moobs always ruined my physique.

So I have my first appointment made with Dr Fielding Monday, November 28, and am looking forward to it. I must admit that I am a little scared since I do not want the surgery to make my problem any worse! What I mean is that I don't want my pecs to be uneven or God forbid one of my nips being indented!

My symptoms are that I have fatty pecs, especially on the right one, nips are puffy and the right one has a very hard lump under it from puberty.

Here is a link to check out some pics, sorry they are not the best quality, and may even downplay my Gyno, but believe me its there! Feedback is welcome

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good luck with the meeting and im sure that u will get a good result. keep posting and let us know how it goes

       Bye Wolfman
i finally feel like im a man

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All the very best to you ! Good luck ! Let us know about the post-op period !


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