Author Topic: Completed Gyno with Local Anesthesia  (Read 3963 times)

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Had mild to moderate gyno in both nipples for about 7 years.  Just had surgery about 48 hours ago.  Decided to go with local anesthesia only.  Cheaper, safer, better recovery.  Had glands removed and lipo.  Took about 2 hours.  Walked out of their feeling like a million bucks.  Next day I could have gone to work but didn't.  I walked 5 miles to buy some compression shirts.  Today, 48 hours after surgery, I am back at work and feel great.  Took a shower this morning.  Some swelling, not much bruising.  Nipples are all taped up so can't tell about those.  Been very, very little pain.  I would say even less pain than if I did a really hard chest workout after a layoff.  It's really nothing. 

If anybody is thinking of doing local instead of general, I would highly recommend it.  You can't be squeamish, but the benefits are huge.  Actually the worst thing about the whole situation is the itchiness of the compression shirt/pads, etc...

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Good job and good luck with your recovery.  All the itchiness and pain will well worth it at the end.  You will be a happy guy this summer.



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