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Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone on this forum for their posts. Knowing I'm not alone is a huge weight off my shoulders. This forum has also educated me that there might even be surgical answers and this is an actual condition. I just thought I was overweight.

When I was in my early teens, I started to get what everyone called 'puppy fat'. What I know now, is that was nonsense. I ate too much sugar and did too little exercise. So I got fatter and fatter until at about 22 years old, I was 14 and a half stone (200lbs/90kg) and 5' 8-9". In the last few years I've worked out when I can and cut out all sugary foods (sweets, chocolates, colas) from my diet. Though I still drink a bottle of beer every other day.

I've managed to get down to 11 and a half stone (160lbs/73kg) in a couple of years (I'm 24 now) but the reason I lost the weight, the breasts, just haven't changed at all. I think I still have some excess fat on my body, but I've seen MUCH fatter guys with smaller breasts then me. It's slaughtered my self-esteem and controls my life.

Thanks to this forum though, I'm going to see my GP (doctor) this week and hopefully get the ball rolling on the NHS. It won't be hard to explain the psychological impact this condition has, simply because it's so profound and damaging. I hope I get the green light as I can't afford to go private.

These are my pictures (now removed). Hopefully someone can let me know if I am just overweight, or how bad my gyno is if I have it.
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Yeah, would look better with less bodyfat, I can see gland but your better off trying to shred a few more pounds and see if your happy.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

At least I know I can do something myself to help the situation, rather than have to wait for the Docs.

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I totally agree with the other messages. Losing some fat may help but will not make it disappear. Try to lose some weight, do some weights (why not ?) and post other pics if you want to know if it is better or not. Good luck mate !


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