Author Topic: Tommorow is the big day  (Read 3082 times)

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Well mon 25 at 0830 it's showtime. I was so nervous last night that I was unable to sleep well. We're leaving today at 230 to head across state and staying at a motel with the wife. Plan on a nice dinner with her and try to get to bed early. This gyno thing will hopefully come to a close in my life now after the surgery and healing of course.

I plan on one kick butt workout today. Cause it will be a while before I can workout again so here I go. Wish me luck and God bless you all. Marty off to start a new chapter in my life.........m ;D
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Congrats and good luck.  Keep us posted.

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Go for it Marty!

We'll keep our fingers crossed and say our prayers!

Good Luck!   Keep us posted.



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