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To all the post-op people that had worse incision scarring around the aerola than they expected, whether from healing complications or from the plastic surgeons inexperience n incompetence, i think i have found a really good solution for aerola incision scarring. To be honest, i haven't actually had the surgery yet, im saving n planning on it in a few months at the moment, but i heard of a product that covers up scars and birthmarks very well. Its called tattoo camo, which obviously was originally designed for tattoo cover-up, and its what i had actually used it for myself. I had used it to cover up a tattoo on my neck for a pretty serious job interview, and i was really surprised how natural it looked once it dried, it wasnt crusty or anything, just blended into my skin color really well, and after about n hour or so, i forgot i even had the stuff on. The best part about it is how surprisingly long it stays on, its sweat, n yes, even waterproof. It didnt even come off after showering twice with it, i eventually had to rub it off myself. You may have to color match the closest colors they have that would match your aerola color, but they have plenty to choose from. Im not sitting here trying to push product on anyone or say how awesome this stuff is, but the truth is, it is really effective. It was actually rated the most effective and popular tattoo/scar concealer among dozens of other products that do the same. Check out the site n look at pictures n read some testimonials. I love how i originally got it for tattoo concealer, and then later on realizing how well it conceals scars as well. It definately made me a lot more confident about my surgery, i mean i still definately dont want a very visible scar, but even if the scarring turns out worse then i thought, just put some tattoo camo on it, n im good! Kind of a relief. Even if your scars become more visible for being in the sun too soon after surgery, which i definately would not recommend, this stuff would still do the trick for you. And it stays on still in water! How cool is that. If anyone is interested in this, just google tattoo camo, or the site is I hope this helped for anyone with bad incision scarring they cant get rid of with anti scarring creams, or people that fear surgery because of the possibility of scars. Theres still some hope for ya.  ;)
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Thanks for the heads-up dude...

You know... if you're gonna want to hide a tattoo... then what's the point of getting one in the first place? Tattoo's are nothing to be ashamed of....  wear'em with pride!


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Thats a pretty nice pinup GB. Really like your ink a lot. I also have a pinup too, id like to put up some pics of my tats on here, but u know, kind of keeping myself anonymous for the time being. I love the tat on my neck too, its really colorful, but you know how the job thing goes.  :-\. Hmmm im kind of wanting to get another tat now, i can't wait till i finally get my surgery set up and out of the way, so i can finally get something tatted on my chest like ive wanted to for years!  :)

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Thanks SR for the good advice. I will offer this to my patients as a short term fix to cover their incisions. For scars that are located only around the areola I have found that medical tattooing is useful. In general, medical tattooing does not work that well but periareolar incisions work better because they are easier to hide within the natural color of the areola as opposed to regular skin which is very difficult if not impossible to match.
One caveat, you must wait one year for the scar to mature.

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