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Hi All,


So I have a consultation tomorrow to hopefully book in gynecomastia surgery. My condition would be 90% gland maybe %10 fat. My biggest fear is getting the surgery done and still having puffy nipples. I have seen many before and after pics with numerous surgeons and some after pics still show puffy nipples. A lot of people wouldn’t mind this as the chest is still “flat” however I would be extremely disappointed if this was the case for me.


Is there any reason why puffy nipples remain after some surgeries? Any recommendations on what I should say to my surgeon?


Much appreciated.

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Tons of reasons. The pictures you're seeing are of people who are likely to be experiencing some degree of swelling at that particular point of time. It could also be scar tissue. Both could take up to a year to disappear.
It could come down to surgical technique as well, and how much fat or gland is left behind.
Talk to your surgeon about your expectations. Be very careful what you wish for, though. IMO it's better to be cautious and leave a little bit extra behind than to try to remove the EXACT amount and end up with a crater (which could be fixed depending on it's severity). From what I've read, however, it's easier to remove tissue than it is to replace it.
Maybe you could post pictures of the sorts of outcomes you're concerned about.
It's also important not to expect perfection. Expect an improvement. Surgeons tend to be talented and strive for perfection, but they themselves are not infallible and cannot consistently deliver 100% results.

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I was much flatter after my first surgery but still had puffy nipples. BOTTOM LINE WAS MY SURGEON DID NOT GET ALL THE GLAND. SECOND SURGERY TOOK CARE OF IT.Now I am completely flat.


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