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hello i am wearing bra over6 years i wear 38B-C i am just wearing bra at home i 
never wearig out of home 
my mom today said me when i go out wear bra i said never wear out home 
i am don't wear because i worry about any one know i wear 
but now i want wear bra when i go out what can i do no showing  bra under shirt!?

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I wear a heavy button up shirt over a regular shirt.

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I wear loose fitting button up shirts. if the material is thin I wear a tank top that closely matches the color of the shirt over my bra. If I'm hanging around the house a tshirt one size too big fits the bill.


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Tee shirt one size to big works fine for me, sometimes I wear a button down shirt or leather vest over that, but they are also to cover a side arm too!

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Wear patterned shirts.  The pattern hides the band and straps.


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