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I've always struggled with this issue but it got worse after using steroids as a young person. Add to that I've been on Duasteride for hair loss for the past 5ish years and I feel it got worse. To make it even worse I was born with a birth defect called pectus excavatum, pretty much a caved in chest which I had to have operated on when I was four years old. 

Between whats left of that problem and the fact that my rib cage pokes out, another side effect of the condition, it makes it look even worse and I feel even surgery wont help. After taking these pictures I realized gyno was also causing me to slightly hunch over, as this hides it when wearing shirts. If my chest were flat it would look pretty odd as well. Do I have any options? Will surgery allow me to look somewhat normal? Will working out and losing some body fat help? When I was in way better shape my chest had a little more definition.


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