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because I have small nipples I have 2 scars of about 2inches each, at 3 0'clock and 9 o'clock positions. I am talking about visible scars on my chest, not scar tissue

does any of the stuff you can by over the counter to diminish the visibily of scarring work, does anyone know?

And does one have to use it straight after the op, or is it too late a few months on?

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A few people (including myself) have used Plamers Cocoa Butter. It's mostly used by women to help remove stretch marks but the product does claim to help with scars and some people here seemed to have found it useful. This is the stuff:

If you try it I'd suggest having a go with the "liquid" cream instead of this stuff. It's a bit like trying to massage a block of lard into your chest!

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thanks for these, will check them out.

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