Author Topic: Surgery in 32 days - Drains or No Drains? Missing Work?  (Read 3588 times)

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I have still 32 days left before my surgery. A few months ago, I had a consultation with my surgeon and told me the basics such as lipo with incision/extraction of gland tissue. I am assuming he will do a lollipop style incision (whatever that means). But he sent me the full summary of the procedure and there were no mention of having to be hooked up to those drains. But I did sent him an email about that but no answer back yet. My question is,  does it depend on the severity of the Gyno or is it up to the surgeon's technique to have one placed in? And how many days do people have to wear them because I cannot afford to miss work.

Another question - I cannot afford to take more days off work. How long after the surgery will I get to be back to work? I do not do physical labor. Only office work. Sometimes I do have to be on my feet, but nothing to stressful.

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Hi,  some surgeons use drains, some don't it depends on the technique. Ive read on here the drains are in for couple days depending on how much fluid is being drained. You should be ok to return to an office job after about a week but no heavy lifting pushing or pulling etc hope this helps. 

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I am exactly 1 month out from my surgery and I went for my consult 2 weeks ago.  My surgeon is using the lateral pull through method where they do all of their magic through a small hold on the side right below your armpit.  
I was told they will be regular lipo, US lipo, and removal of a lot of breast tissue.  I have some fat but a lot of course tissue.
Drains were a big concern for me and I am pretty much in the same work setting as you, office work.  Concealing drains were one of my biggest fears for surgery.  I was told in my initial consult I would NOT be getting drains.  I go for my pre-op next week and I will ask again.  my fear is that he may not think he will need them but then decide to use them during surgery.
I was told that many of his patients have surgery and return to work in 2-3 days if they do office work.  
I am having mine on Friday Dec 11th.  I plan on taking the following Monday off as well.  If I feel better then I may come to work on Monday.  But I will definitely return on Tuesday to avoid suspicion.  Mine are very noticeable.  I even plan on wearing my jacket during the work day both before and after the surgery for a while just to distance the time off from work with a different appearance.   

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Consult with your surgeon  Not needed in my case.

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No one here can answer those questions correctly.  
It would depend on the extent of surgery required and the procedures used by your surgeon.    Your surgeon should be able to tell you what to reasonably expect. 
A major factor is you,  Some of us heal quickly and others heal more slowly.  
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