Author Topic: Surgery made next to no difference?  (Read 2047 times)

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Hi, im 18 years old and I recently had Gynecomastia surgery about 5 weeks ago. I am of slim but muscular build, and I work out regulary (or I did before the surgery). Sadly, even after quite long after the surgery, there seems to be NO difference whatsoever to my nipples. I had acute gynecomastia which I think meant that it wasnt a serious case, but it was on both nipples. When a cold wind blew on them or any other particular sensation, they became erect and when they did this, they became excellently flat - but this used to happen before I got surgery, and it still happens as normal now. But even after my surgery, when it is warm etc, they go back to puffy as they were before. The surgeon who did it is a family surgeon and I know him personally, so I know he has my best intentions at heart. I consulted him about this and he said that the puffiness would reduce after about 12 weeks. But I am very very concerned, because they seem to be exactly the same as they were before and I believe it is for the following key reason: My surgeon decided not to take out the full gland because it would cause puckering? And therefore just performed lipsuction from below each nipple and from the side of each nipple. Im extremely concerned about this, so if any of you have any expierence like this then please share.


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hmmm. can you post a pic?


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