Author Topic: Telling Personal Doctor That You Are Having Gynecomastia Surgery  (Read 1734 times)

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How did you guys tell your doctor that you are going to have gynecomastia surgery ?
As some ps ask that you obtain personal doctor approval for surgery and also to get test results and ekg.
I'm kinda of nervous about bring this up to my doctor.

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I finally asked my doctor if he thought I had gyne. It was not easy as this is an embarrassing topic.

Just do it. Don't let a little embarrassment or whatever your fear is about telling your doctor hold you back from the condition which in the real world is a much bigger problem to face than telling your doctor about it.

Just think "freedom" and get it over with.

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When I brought up my concerns with my doctor it was pretty easy because it was just after telling my Mom about it (which was more difficult).  I basically treated it purely as a professional thing and I'm not too close with him so I figured this was kind of a normal / common thing he hears about.  Too bad my doctor was pretty lousy about it and claimed that you only have gyne when you are basically lactating and that I should just do bench presses 5 times a week and it may/may not go away.

But - because you are just telling hm you are having the surgery that should be a cakewalk.  Think like this: You have decided that is in your best interest to do this procedure on your body.  This is a big decision you just made, and you're absolutely positive that you want to do this.  If he seems confused and asks why not just work out tell him you've talked to a professional who specializes in this issue and it was made clear that no amount of working out will get rid of the breast tissue/gland.  Show him you've done your research.  This is only assuming he gives you a hard time - I don't think he will if he's knowledgeable. 


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