Author Topic: Worth getting surgery while still obese  (Read 1066 times)

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Question,  I saw on one of the sucess stories the guys Dr had prepared for 2 surgeries from the start. She performed the first one which provided him enough relief to be able to exercise and go to the gym. He lost the additional weight and she did an excellent job on tightening up what was left the second time. And he had severe gyno. Nothing mild.

I know a crappy way to pose a question, but does any one else have an experience like this?

My g has been classified as severe with a lot of underarm roll extending to my back. I would be totally stoked to be rid of the majority of it, knowing that I would need to go back in for another session. The pain of living with this to me is worse than having to undergo a second surgery. I have decided I'm having the surgery no matter what. I'm half way there on the finances.

Thought I would add explain why I feel this would work for me. Because I could see how if you did not loose the weight it could wind up looking terrible. I am really only obese because of gyno. It stops me from wanting to exercise. I have several times over the years tried to work them off along with the weight. I've lost over 50lbs several times, even dropping 70lbs one time. All it did was make it more pronounced. So I am confident in my ability to loose the wieght if needed. But, no matter how much I want it gone, I cant bring myself to just exercise now, go to the gym now and loose the weight. Then it would be a mute point. If it were that simple tho, I'd already be doing it.....


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