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I look best in winters with hoodie, sweaters or sweatshirt. It makes my stuff hidden & i feel normal in public. But i hate summers cuz whatever i wear, people stare like they have seen some alien or what. I hate that look.
What people see has a lot to do what you wear.  If you are wearing fitted or tight shirts, of course your bra will stand out.  I wear a bra all the time - the Tshirts I buy are of a larger size that I could wear, are of heavier material and some have either writing or a picture on them.  All go to lessen the possibility of the bra showing.  I have been wearing so long that I really don't care that people may be able to see the straps, adjusters or the band but I don't flaunt it by wearing tight or thin shirts.  I do like to wear racer back, front closing bras which minimizes the bra showing in the back.


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