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Just wanted to share this in case anyone is considering surgery. I myself used to check out blogs and what not but I guess the thing that held me back for the most part (14-15 years with gyno from a pro-hormone), would be the money and the uncertainty over recovery and post op aesthetics. 

I had my op in mid June at his Harley St clinic. I have to be honest the pre-op stuff all seemed a bit too straight forward and at times rushed. I'm a guy who likes to be thorough and sometimes that can get in the way so I tried to take a step back and reassure myself that Nurein had sensational reviews and this was his bread and butter as opposed to a plethora of other surgical procedures. 

The surgery day came around, I'd stayed in a hotel over night and attended for 9am surgery. I went in around 9.30am and the procedure was done under local anaesthetic....which again sounded intense as many go with a general. I'd say the procedure was an out of body experience, from the nurses being so jovial and one of them continually trying to make jokes in broken English (I believe she was Polish), to lying down on the surgical bed and being wiped down with the brown iodine stuff to all the garments covering me up including my head/face. Then I heard the doctor enter the room, he asked if I was ok and then he got to work administering the local anaesthetic. I didn't really feel the needles, at all. Certainly better than any jab in the arm etc. Then I had Vaser Liposuction. I'm 5'10" and around 72kg so nice and lean but he advised the lipo was to separate the fatty tissue from around the glad and the surface of the pec. I must say it was rather a rough process, very physical and the most bizarre feeling but almost painless. The odd acceptable pain at which point he'd apologise and administer more local. Once that was done it was straight into the gland excision. Again, no pain doing the cut but some mild pain when he was using some sort of laser to burn off the gland/tissue from my chest wall. All manageable and I'm not a pain monster. After that we just talked rubbish/ small talk whilst he stitched up the wounds and then I was up off the table, compression garment on and also a compression band. I got dressed and within 5 minutes I was downstairs in his office and he told me the procedure went well and follow all post op advice given. My wife was waiting for me, I walked through to her and I'd say no more than 10 minutes after the last stitch I was in Pret-A-Manger having a coffee. Madness when you think of 15 years in the making boiling down to 2 hours tops, in and out.

They gave me paracetamol and told me to take 2 if the pain arrives, which it did later on that day/early evening. The first two paracetamol didn't seem to do much, it ached so bad. The second two 4 hours later seemed to stop all the pain and I slept really well that night. To this day they're the only 4 pain killers I took surrounding surgery.

You feel so delicate after surgery in that you're scared to move to a degree....but as time goes by you get more confident. Unfortunately for me two stitches gave way at some point and over the first week to 10 days when changing my dressings I noticed one side was perfect in terms of the cut and the other was gaping a bit with some white/cream discharge. I was in contact with the Dr. who advised I went back to see him and he could check me over. I was so upset and frustrated and flustered....the kind of 'why me' thing. He inspected the wound and wasn't concerned about an infection so he applied some sutures and 5 days later I checked my wound and it seems to be healing nicely. Although I popped stitches...or they just gave way.....I strongly recommend using your arms/moving them (no heavy lifting though!) as this help reduce swelling and promote healing. The lymphatic system needs to drain nicely to take away toxins and swelling and if you walk around like me, like a penguin, the swelling stays and so does a weird sort of pain. Also, a side note, I don't rate the compression vest he gives fact i really don't rate it. I ordered one off the web which is more like a skin coloured bra with clasps down the front.....his is more of a white velcro vest which was hard to put on if you're alone to get enough compression and not strain too much and also it was bulky and itchy. 

I'm trying to be patient now and wait for some more time to pass. It's pretty much 3 week post surgery and I couldn't imagine being in a gym and pushing some iron about but I don't feel fragile any more.....just nervous on occasion. Also, literally a week ago wiping my bum hole made me sweat or shutting a door just make me sweat. Now I feel up to any task apart from exercise. I'm hoping in a weeks time I'll have made another huge leap. My chest is covered in spots from shaving it pre surgery and also wearing the vest, which has been 24 hours a day aside from showering. I'll continue to wear the vest for at least another 2 or 3 weeks because i'ts really no inconvenience once you have the right vest. In fact, it makes you feel safe. I still get the shooting pains like nerves just springing back to life and I won't go as far as to say I'm buzzing with it 100% as when I hold my arms in the air you can see slight contour issues but from what I've read the swelling and healing process can take months and most things go away so time will hopefully be my best buddy on that one. 

It's been weird to go in my wardrobe and pick anything out and not worry about the chest area. I used to put tape across my nipples and all sorts and honestly it was so so depressing. Especially on a lads hol or whatever and you're stood there like a sausage playing with your nipples so make them go hard and take that puffiness away.....then top off and straight in the pool where the cool water tightens up your skin. After a few beers though the pool wouldn't help any more. You all know the score if you're reading this! Just buying a nice small or medium tee rather than a large......or buying white t-shirts again.....or wearing a fitted shirt or a polo tee. It can all happen now without the tape or the paranoia. It had drained my soul and taken a part of my confidence from me that I really believe I can fight to take back. When I'm ready I'll be back in the gym, training nice and hard, lifting sensibly and just getting some nice shape back and then I'll be so buzzing. 

If I can offer any help or advice please feel free to ask. Off to work on my posture to get rid of that gyno hunch! Haha

Peace x

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It was really inspirational going through your story. I'm at the stage where I want to have the surgery. I don't care about money or anything but the post-op aesthetics. After reading your post, I think I should go through it and do not worry much.

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The worst part of the whole surgery ordeal, for me, was how inconvenient the recovery was. That's the best word to describe it - "inconvenient". Like rockdrizzle said, you feel so fragile. You get used to sleeping on your back and walking around like a penguin;D. I've had dental work that was more expensive and  more painful, but when it's done it's done. With this, you're reminded of your surgery all the time. But with that slight pain and discomfort, you also smile because you know what it's from. I have cried a few times with the realization of all I've been through with the breasts and the fact that the surgery is behind me. Being a man with breasts and having them removed is an emotional thing. You'll look back at how gynecomastia effected your life and you'll get choked up.  

I'm 6 months post-op and I'm still a little tender but it's nothing like it was a few months ago. I feel that my dr could have made my boobs smaller, but I'm thrilled with the results nonetheless. I have a followup appointment coming up and I'm going to talk about finishing the job. Still on the fence as to whether or not I would actually go through with a revision. Either way, I'm extremely proud of myself for following through with the surgery. I spend my life doing things for others, and for once I did something for myself.

When I got my mind set on the surgery, there was no turning back. I was like - take my money, please! When's the earliest I can have this done? 


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