Author Topic: Post surgery nipples protrude/rounded due to scar tissue?  (Read 356 times)

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Hi all,

Had my gyno gland removal around 7 months ago. However my nipples still protrude/look swelled (especially with my arms lifted). I vaguely remember my nipples right after the surgery is not as swelled. Whenever I squeezed my chest muscle and slightly press my nipples, I can feel some space/soft tissue behind my nipples and can also feel there is some scar tissue behind. So I wonder is it the residual gland or is the scar tissue causing the protrusion (as the doctor told me he left some gland behind to avoid nipples indent)? And is steroid injection helpful in this situation? Thanks.
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Self diagnosis by squeezing and pinching your nipples is a fool's errand -- you simply do not know what you are feeling.

Your surgeon knows how much gland he deliberately left to avoid cratering and you should consult with him.  The scenario you describe may be consistent with the development of scar tissue beneath the nipple.  If that is the case, then a steroid injection may be of help.

Best advice is to return to your surgeon to discuss various options.

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