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[font="Helvetica Neue", "Segoe UI", Helvetica, Arial, "Lucida Grande", sans-serif]This is my story on my current struggle gynecomastia, the effects it has had on me over the years and my interactions with Dr. Nurein and his team who will be the ones to free me of this condition. My gyno is by far not a extreme case (as photos will show) but it has still massively affected me, so It will be great to talk to others on this forum to see how my story relates to you all. :)

I'm a 20 year old suffering from gynecomastia as you've more than likely guessed. Suffering from depression from a young age (around 10 years of age) had a massive affect on my diet. I didn't eat much and what I did eat was very high in fats and saturates, which wreaked havoc on my hormones during puberty. I pieced together very recently at 20 that this is the cause of my gynecomastia.

To finally help cope with the depression paired with a counsellor, a couple of years back; I started to work out and build muscle. With activities such as bench pressing on the regular, my pectoral muscles grew, however this would go on to me recognising that my chest wasn't quite built like a normal chest of someone of my size and stature after a friend commented on my chest size.

The reason for such a late realisation of my chest appearance was due to such low esteem I literally refused to look at my body over the years as a result from a large birthmark on my back and a slight deformation on the legs know as Varus that other students would comment and point at back in my school years.

I did not know at all this was gynecomastia, so thinking it was just fat, I worked out harder.... increasing chest muscle size.... worsening the appearance of my chest. So after research I had discovered this condition. However I refused to believe this was something I had as it would be another thing to add to the list that would bring down my self esteem. So the cycle continued with working out and saying this is just psuedogyno (false gynecomastia) which can be remedied through exercise and good diet. The exercise ended up having a negative affect on me as I'm putting a lot of time and effort into it but nothing is changing in my chest apart from the insecurity getting worse.

Over time nothing changed. I would wake up every morning with the chest sagging. Some days it's worse than others depending how recently I've exercised my chest tightening the area (reducing sagging) however I could always pinch a generous amount of flesh. It got to the point I hated it so much I skipped many holidays with family and friends to avoid that famous beach / pool scenario where you have to remove your top. It didn't help with every step, my chest would bounce up and down which was clearly visible through tops which lead to the constant wearing of hoodies and coats.

The time it hit me worst was when I was onstage with my band. We play pretty loud and aggressive music which we give out a lot of energy performance wise. One show we were playing inside a small packed venue and the heat was getting truly unbearable with the stage lights, the constant moving and the heat the audience was giving off. I wanted to remove my shirt and at one point and I actually went to do it, but then it all came flooding into my head about my chest, and that a room full of people all had their eyes on me, that triggered a panic attack which ruined that night for me. The attacks come aswell when i'm questioned why I won't go swimming and on holiday with friends and I can't give them a straight answer, this is putting strains on my friendships now which sucks as I'm now that "boring" guy who just wants to stay home.

It's at this stage where exercise wasn't working and the attacks were happening more and more often where I wanted something done and wanted it gone. After a while searching online and contacting a couple of surgeons, I ended up in contact with Dr. Nurein and his team. Before I even had my first consolation booked, I'd been given plenty of reassurance and information by his extremely friendly and helpful team who were very easy to contact through text messaging and phone calls.

My consultation took place a couple of days ago in London with Dr. Nurein. My meeting with Dr. Nurein went very well he was able to confirm that it was gynecomastia I was suffering from as till that point I still wanted to believe that it was something I could fix myself. He was able to show me where the gland was and the size of it, while answering any and all of my questions such as how the removal procedure is done ,the outcome of it down to the kind of thread that is used for stitching. I've also been worried about the cost to have such a procedure done but I've seen photographic results of his previous work and they speak for themself (they are outstanding!) and after meeting him face to face, I know it'll be worth it; especially for the massive confidence boost and being able to live my life more fully finally being able to go swimming and on holidays again.

I will say at this point, the one thing that really struck me was the enthusiasm from Dr. Nurein, Mathew and the rest of the team. Through contact with them I've learnt that this is more than a career for them and a way to make a living, they know how this condition affects its sufferers be it a little or severely, and they are passionate about relieving people of this physical and mental barrier and I quote being told "this procedure is more than cosmetic, it's life changing" which couldn't be any more true. They truly understand how we feel which is extremely reassuring as deciding to have surgery is already a big step for someone to take; especially if you're like me and have been pretty alone in the whole ordeal.

I'm now at the stage I'm saving the funds together to undergo the procedure so by the end of 2017 I'll be able to truly move on with my life. And when the time comes for surgery I know I'll be very very well looked after, I've already been told that transportation and accommodation will be helped with due to myself living down south and the surgery most likely taking place up north. I will definitely be posting again in the future when the surgery is finalised and any steps in between with how feel.

I know this was a long one but I hope this was very informative for those who know someone who's suffering or provides something for other people with gynecomastia to relate to. Some people are able to come to terms with the condition and live their lives to the absolute fullest, but for those like me who this affects too negatively too much, I'd highly recommend Dr. Nurein based our interactions. When it comes to something that's affecting people mentally you can't put a price on compassion which I have found in bucket loads with my choice of surgeon.

Feel free to reply with any questions about anything from myself or my encounters with Dr. Nurein, his team and how to get in contact with them. :)

Have a good one guys [/font]


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