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Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. 
Very tempted to get a consultation, I feel my case is very minor / sometimes not noticeable depending on various factors (like if im cold, is that normal?) 
Would love to see before and after pics. 

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Hi guys,

I gave had a very brief video consultation with Dr. Nurein, he had my photos in advance. He seemed like a lovely guy and it seems he has specialist expertise in this area.

I get so, so tempted to go ahead - especially as I literally live within walking distance of the Sheffield clinic. I know this significantly reduces the costs and inconvenience. However, with young kids and not a lot of spare cash I struggle to justify the outlay of 4k. I also know that my partner would not understand or see why I want my puffy nipples gone, why it might stop me hunching over and bring round shouldered, how it might boost my self confidence and self esteem.

I'm not naive - I know that the shape of my nipples and them showing through clothes isn't THE trigger for depression/anxieties...but it's definitely part of the tapestry. I'm 40 soon...still vividly remember the night aged around 13 when my chest got tender and these 'tubey' puffy nipples seemed to sprout. It is starting to feel a bit 'now or never' if it is going to be worth doing. 


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