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To add to the consensus, people will not notice and if they do they likely will do a double take a keep it moving. They aren't going to shun you, take pics for social media to insult someone, etc etc. My wife would not be ok with me in a bra and that is the only thing I get worried about. Due to the fact the filling of mine is getting to a level where at the end of the day they are sore. I'm also a DJ and a steel worker, 2 industries where I don't want to show things off. I have worn barely there bras often without detection from friends, workers, clients, wife, etc. Even when hugged. I am currently in Punta Cana bare chested and seeing so many men my age (31) with much worse growth than me who are in better shape and if there's one thing I can attest it to it is confidence. The more confident you are the less people will notice and if they do notice they will shrug it off cause they go he don't mind so that takes the fun out of pointing it out. It's the insecurity that makes us think others are watching us, mocking us, etc. But in all reality people aren't gawking or pointing at all. Live your life and do it with confidence and a smile. You say your friends and such don't care at all, good, that's all that should matter cause what a stranger thinks is of no concern nor should it play a role in how you feel, easier said than done I k is but you have to build that uo and live it. I'm in Punta Cana and saw a dude yesterday in a tankini, I noticed it cause I've shopped for them before but you could not see his breasts, you could see some projection and cleavage when he scratched or something but playing water polo for an activity yesterday no one said anything at all and we had drinks afterward and I asked him once others moved if it was a tankini which he confirmed and told him how they go with others noticing as I've considered them and he said just get a neutral color and no one will think it's anything but a tank top. He was a 38c so I'm trusting his input. Sorry if this got sideways but point it be confident, become comfortable in your skin, and if it's tough to, find an alternative to cover up that is comfortable like a tankini which I hear is passable as male clothing and incredibly comfortable 


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