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I went today for a first consultation with a plastic surgeon for correction of gynecomastia i've had since puberty (i am now 29). He is referring me to a general surgeon because he says that if a GS does it, insurance will pay. Now that sounds great in all, but the money is not necessarily important to me. I've worked hard and have to money to fund a surgery that is 100% correct.
Should I be concerred with going to GS instead, and does that not seem really weird that he would give up the business to someone else?

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Unless the general surgeon is trained in liposuction and does a lot of gynecomastia surgery with excellent cosmetic results, I would be hesitant to go that direction just to have it covered.  First off, if the general surgeon is getting the procedure covered, it's by using a different code (breast biopsy code) rather than the proper code (for treatment of gynecomastia).  If the procedure is a "breast biopsy," you will not be likely to have a good cosmetic outcome.  Take your time and find a gynecomastia surgeon!

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