Author Topic: American Expat Looking for Best Surgeon Recommendation in Manila, Philippines  (Read 1990 times)

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Greetings to everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read my first post.  I'm an American expat currently living in Manila, and I am planning to undergo surgery sometime in April.  I've done some research to find a few surgeons but wanted to see if anyone here knows who has the most experience in Manila.
A quick background on my situation.  I'm currently 33 and developed gyno when I was 12-years-old.  Like probably many others here, the doc told me to wait for it to go away, but it never did.
For most of my adult life, the gyno didn't bother me much, until about a year ago when I started weightlifting.  My body is in excellent shape, yet the puffy nipples annoy the heck out of me.  I'd like to be able to take my shirt off at the pool or beach without worrying about puffy nipples, or better yet wear tight-fitting shirts without worrying about my nipples protruding underneath.
When my nipples are hard, my chest looks great.  I have small glands under each nipple - the one on the left side is bigger - and puffy nipples.  I always find myself rubbing them to make my chest look great, but I'd rather get the surgery while I'm living here since the Philippines is a great place to get plastic surgery.
My central questions are if anyone can recommend a surgeon here?
Also, the thought of scar tissue is what concerns me the most.  Are the scars visible after gland removal?  I don't have any fat (just a tiny bit that's normal).
Will surgery end puffy nipples because that's what bothers me the most?  I don't have moobs.  I just want to have non-puffy nipples.
Here are a couple of places I found that I read positive reviews.
This place is my first choice so far because the doctors are supposedly American, and they offer a gyno package for around 60,000 pesos, which means they must have experience.
My friend works for Dr. Eic Yapjuangco, who has mixed reviews. Some people say he is the best in the Phils.  However, he appears to specialize in rhinoplasty, and he has a massive workload.
Those are the only two I've found so far, I did read of Dr. Benny on here.
Also, I'm not looking for the lowest price. I'm more concerned about choosing a surgeon with the most experience doing gyno surgery and removing puffy nips.
I am very thankful for any recommendations!  And I wish everyone the best on their gyno journeys!

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Did you end up choosing a Dr.?  Please share your experiences.  I am also interested in the Beverly Hills clinic package.

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You might also consider traveling to Korea or other nearby places.

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Please check my posts under Medical and Surgical Tourism.
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