Author Topic: Scar tissue? Patience or Surgery?  (Read 1663 times)

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I had a glandular excision about 8 months ago. On my one side, I have a piece of scar that is like the size and hardness of a jelly-bean where my drainhole was. What can I do to get rid of this thing? It's pretty big, can't it just be excised and stitched?

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I am also about 6 months post surgery I went in to my dr's office the other day due to some scar tissue my one much larger like the size of a jolly rancher the dr said it was normal and gave me a shot of 5fu to break it down it has been about 4 days and i can tell it is working.


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I got some scar tissue but im still early 8-9 weeks post op ...

If its still their in 6 months i'll be visiting my doc for that cortisone shot.


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