Author Topic: Gyno returned after 1 month post opp - need advise  (Read 983 times)

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I recently had surgery in December and had the following done:

1. breast tissue removed
2. lypo
3. Nipple reduction as they were puffy
4. Scar revision from previous surgery of scars near shoulder that a previous surgeon did. He removed skin thinking it would flatten my effected are

The issue is, right after surgery, I had drains in on both sides right under the scar revision. My chest was very flat, and there was a line right above both nipples and it was almost a little concave

However, right after, I noticed the area started "filling up" again. My nipples started popping out and within a month, I had fatty tissue again right around my nipples where I had gyno. As of today, its like I have gyno again, like I never had surgery. 

I had the procedure done before in 2015 and it was perfect for years. I just figured taking Finasteride twice a week made it come back. However now I am thinking something else is causing it, hormones or something else. 

Does anyone have experience with this and or advise? I'm pretty discouraged at this point and dont know what to do. I definitely cant go to the beach or a pool etc and I have been dealing with this for almost 30 years, so I'm pretty upset about it. 


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I'd say Finasteride is the culprit if the reactivation of the gyno happened after taking the finasteride.  If you're gyno prone finasteride isn't a good match and I'd discontinue.


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