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So after years of letting this get in the way of leading a normal life I've decided to have surgery, i always believed it would just go away, puppy fat, but alas, I am nearly 21 and they are still there! And after starting to eat healthy about 9 months ago i have lost quite a bit of weight and... yep, still there (but smaller, hoorah???) ... So, there's no escaping it anymore...

So that's the difficult bit done, coming to terms with it, now comes the easy bit with the cutting, yeah, easy bit :-/

I've looked online but all i can find is US stuff, i dunno how to go about it, so I have come on here and well have been slightly overwhealed to feel... i dunno, for the first time comfortable talking about it because there are people who have gone through the xact same thing, quite comforting to be honest...

Any advice on how to get started, who to go to, etc i would appreciate; Literally anything and everything that i need to do now, I have exams ending in mid may so from then on it's doable for me.... theonly think i would like answered directly is:

a) Is there a way to go about it w/o consulting the GP (she is a real antagonistic bitch)?

b) What is the price range in the UK? Do we have surgeons with hearts ala Nip Tuck who would consider a discount!?::) didnt think so...

c) Scarring is an issue i am worried about, do they do the micro sticthing so that there's no scars? Can you pay extra?

I have a million and 1 questions but any help advice or just support would be more appreciated than anyone outside this community would probably know, but I'm guessing you guys have felt as comfortable here as i do now so you'll understand...

thanks in advance guys.

p.s. I live in London btw.

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  • 06/04/2005.
Hello. There are various plastic surgeons in the UK who can help you. The most popular amongst us is Mr. Paul Levick, who is based in Birmingham.

This is not to say that he's the only person who can help you, but he's the only guy I can comment on. I didn't go to my GP. My GP has no idea about any of this, actually. All I did was call his secretary and arrange a consultation, costing £80. I got this scheduled for about about two weeks after I called.

The consultation was fine. I was VERY apprehensive about it, but it was really a doddle. I arranged surgery there and then. The combination of numerous testimonies I read on here and the consultation itself meant that it just felt right.

My surgery is tomorrow. It will cost £3655.

That's all I can really tell you at first, but if you have any questions, go ahead..

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Wow good luck!

That's a lot of money, I'm probably gonna have to take out another load (still qualify as a student, what would i say otherwise!? "erm yes, i'm having my boobs done!" :-[)

But I'd rather stick to London given I live here and it would save me travel and hotel costs (those few extra hundre quid mean a lot!) but more than anything having a doc near just in case...

But thanks for the reply. How long from consultation to op then? Is it in and out on same day? And if you dont mind me asking, how big are you now?

thanks again.

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  • 06/04/2005.
Not too bad really. I'm not fat by any means, the only real fat I have is on my chest, but my main issue is the gland tissue causing puffy nipples.

Don't let the London/Birmingham thing put you off Levick btw. I'm sure you could get good results in London, but Levick is SERIOUSLY experienced in this. He had it himself, so he also really understands us too.

Umm my consultation was 22nd Feb. I could have taken March 18th as an op, but couldn't do it. He then went on holiday for a bit, so April 6th was the soonest I could personally do after that.

It's not in / out the same day. I'm personally staying in the hospital overnight, then staying an additional night nearby in a hotel (only about £40 though).

Remember, all my answers are only 100% applicable to Levick, however.

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Best bet would be to first read back through a lot of previous posts, there is a wealth of information there.
Surgery performed by Mr Paul Levick, 17/02/05. I am here to help.

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I had my surgery done by Mr Jan Stanek in London and am delighted with the results. My scarring is very minimal and I'm told it should become invisible because of my age - 21. You can look at my post op thread for more info, and I'd be happy to give you any further info I have.

Also Alex Karidis, also in London has a good press on this site.

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Levick, Stanek and Karidis seem to be the most popular at the moment.

That doesn't mean you should immediately pick one of the three; choose the surgeon you are happier with after speaking to them at consultation.

As Doddy says, you don't have to tell your GP. By the way, if she is THAT bad, maybe you could see about getting a different one?

And don't just go to a surgeon because he is closer to home. What's an extra few hours on a journey if it means getting the results you want? Honestly, you would be kicking yourself if you just went with the closest surgeon and you ended up with results you weren't happy with. Surgery is permanent.

Not sure about the other two, but Levick uses a technique that eliminates visible scarring - he goes in by small incisions near the armpits. You won't be left with scars on your nipples if you use him, or someone that uses the same technique.

Anyway, good luck with it all; looks like you've made the fist step to surgery already by showing your face on the forum.

All the best.
Another happy Levick Lad.

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I may as well recommend Mr Mark Gittos while I'm here.  I had my surgery with him in Essex (Nuffield), but I think he does surgery in London too.
He's as-yet unheard of on here, but he's a breast specialist, and my GP (who is very trustworthy) says he is the best plastic surgeon in Britain.
I can only recommend him on my own results - I'm 1 week post op now, I have absolutley no swelling, the scars are practically invisible, and the brusing's almost gone.
So yeah.  Gittos.  Brilliant.  He's been on the telly and everything.
Surgery performed on 29th March by Mr. Mark Gittos
Pre-Op Pictures:
Post-Op pictures coming as soon as I can work out how to use my camera


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