Author Topic: work / drains/ vest after surgery?  (Read 2313 times)

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How hard is it to work a desk job starting 3 days after surgery?

I would think it would be OK.

Someone said something about drains "getting in the way"...they're not that big are they?  Just wear a loose shirt over it and I'd think you'd be OK, right?

I'm counting on the pain not being there that much after surgery.

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The drains are small tubes that go into your body at a small incision. The tube connects to a clear rubber bulb that is very similar to the bulb, yet smaller, on a gas can connection to an outboard boat motor. A loose shirt that buttons in the front or a sweat suit jacket work real well. You just don't want to snag the tubes on the arm of a chair, desk drawer handle, door knob, etc. That will pull at where the tube enters your body and not feel good.


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