Author Topic: Surgery complete with Levick 20/06/13 (Surgery Photo)  (Read 1653 times)

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Hey everyone, first post

I've viewed the forum for a while and signed up fairly recently.

Just want to say what a fantastic help it's been and it's the reason I finally got this sorted. Thanks to everyone who posted their stories.

I've just turned 23 and I don't even feel like I've got going in life. Hopefully I can soon though...

I had my consultation with Mr. Levick and 3 weeks later I was laying in the operation room! All very surreal.

I've made a blog about it so I won't post my entire story here as it's pretty much the same as everyone else. If you do want to have a read though, I'll link at the end of this post (if it allows me)
I've done it as a way of logging my own progress and so I can help anyone else (although this forum does a far better job!)

My bandages won't be coming off until Friday so I haven't seen the result myself yet but when I do, I'll update this post with some before/after photos.

For now I'm attaching a photo of the surgery below (again, if it will let me)

I will also say, anyone thinking of going with Mr. Levick, the whole experience was fantastic. I'm quite a nervous person but I was calm the whole time I was there. Staff were great and Mr. Levick himself is such a nice genuine guy.

Oh, I also talk about the NHS on my blog, which I've seen mentioned a few times on here.
I was originally going to have it done with the NHS but was able to get enough money to go private. I considered going Poland too but I just felt more secure staying in my own country without the added worries that come with going abroad for surgery.

Good luck to anyone having it done or thinking of having it done and I hope soon I'm in the same boat as everyone else when they say about how good they feel now.

Blog(unoriginal name I know!)

my-gynecomastia-journey.blogspot (Just add to the end. I think I'm allowed to post that? Apologies if not)

Low Res Photo should be attached. Let me know if it's not.



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That's some nice chunky tissue you got removed, your results will he fantastic mate, I know mine were. Good luck with recovery I'm looking forward to seeing your after pictures..

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Well done! - look forward to following your recovery and seeing before/after pics... Off to read your blog now!

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Thanks guys, appreciate it.
I'll get some before/after pics up on the weekend once I remove the bandages on Friday. Can't wait to get them off now, starting to itch like crazy when I get too hot!

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Congrats mate, that's a fair bit of gland, bet its made a huge difference! Welcome to the other side.

Levick is the man, wise choice indeed! ;)

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Congrats mate and welcome to the other side, I'm 2 weeks post-op today and feeling GREAT! It's amazing how quick you recover, already I'm sitting here working and sometimes forget that I've had anything done for moments.

Be nice to see more pictures, before/after etc. Good luck with your recovery.

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Thanks 'improving' and 'KSS24' - the other side feels good!  :D

I've attached my before/after photo(s)(Should be 1 Jpeg)

Sorry about the quality but I can't help it with the 128kb attachment limit.
There's a higher quality version and update on my blog (link is in the first post)

I'm so happy with the results - I keep looking down expecting to see a bulge but it's just flat! Can't stop staring in the mirror in disbelief!

One thing I've seen mentioned on here is how big your stomach looks after it. I 100% agree haha, I guess that's on the list next - lose the beer belly!

I go into a bit more detail on my blog but I will say here - Levick really is the man!

Goodluck again to everyone who's due to have it done soon or those wanting it doing. Happy recovery to those in the post-op phase as well!


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