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I wish I was perfect & always right in what I say.  It must really be a good feeling.

I think that some of us "non-perfect" guys with breasts still have a good sex drive remaining, I do.


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a-man - you are an insensitive, arrogant fool.

Consider that some may not have the financial resources to afford surgery.  Wearing a bra is a cost-effective, last-resort solution to an overall crappy situation.  Get over the fact that others here are able to make a decision in bravery, which your cowardess prohibits you from making.  

That said, to those of you living with the condition as I am, I have found it acceptable to simply dress in baggier clothing or in layers.  I find a black tshirt tucked in, with a non-buttoned-up dress shirt over that works well, and looks good too.  Though I have not tried myself, if done right, you could probably hide a bra under that - no problem.

As we are all keenly aware, society does not accept us very readily.  I'm sure we all have felt the same shame, embarrasment, and dispair about our condition.  Society is changing however.  I'm sure even 20 years ago, it would have been complete taboo for a man to buy himself a bra in a department store.  But now we have examples to the contrary.  As people are educated about G, more will be understanding of what we feel compelled to do about it.

On a side note, as I was composing this, I thought about the how some women who are too small to need a bra often times feel forced to wear one.  It's simply crazy that men who need a bra, can't wear one, while women who don't need one, must.  And it all depends on the organs between our legs?  Society is just silly that way I guess.

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Anyway after re-reading this thread.... I can't believe I spent this much time arguing with a bunch of grown men who walk around wearing bras.

So, a-man, why are you still here?  You expressed your opinion long ago.  Insults and name calling don't really add that much to the discussion.

Different strokes for different folks.  Why can't we all accept this?  For some people, surgery is the right answer.  For others, it's not.  Is that really so hard to understand?
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You are forgetting some things:

1)  Not everyone can afford surgery.
2)  Surgery doesn't always work.  They can come back.
3)  Not everyone is obese or even fat here.
4)  Although relatively safe, any surgery does have risks.
5)  Excercise won't fix the problem if it is caused by hormones.

What makes you so great vs us who must find other ways to deal with our condition?

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I think the issue is one of self-respect.  NO self-respecting man would wear a bra and be happy with that.  It's disgusting.

I think most men would rather blow their brains out.  At least they'd die with some dignity.

It's hard to believe this thread is real.  Just a bunch of cross-dressers looking for an excuse to cross dress.

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The bottom line surely is that we all care what we look like, and our position in society is to an extent determined by what we look like. First impressions count, and for most people that first impression is visual. If you are genuinely past caring what others think of you then fine, more power to you.  In a society obsessed with personal appearance you are in a small and very privileged minority. The original poster is not one of you however, as witnessed by his timidity at going public.

While I may agree that men should be free to wear some form of support garment if required, actually doing so will be considered strange by the vast majority of the population - it is just not the norm, however sensible. (But then neither is having breasts.)

Someone posted that they
actually enjoy them at quiet times and could not imagine two large scars and nipples without sensation.
The first part of this is frankly more information than decency requires, nothing more to be said.

The second part reveals a degree of ignorance - as do comments about hacking off body parts and self mutilation by proxy.

I do not feel multilated in any way, I have two very small and unnoticeable scars, and my nipples have full sensation. What I don't have, now, is two huge pendulous breast which require external support.

Jerry, you should seek out a bra which attempts to flatten rather than accentuate the breast, as most womens bras would naturally ten to. Sports bras may be the answer, and skin coloured would help in keeping the bra hidden. Good luck.
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If you develop breasts late in life (far after puberty) you should go to a doctor.  You could have a tumor in the testes or adrenal glands.  

But I suppose you wouldn't want to treat that if you did.  Better to wear a bra.  

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If you develop breasts late in life (far after puberty) you should go to a doctor.  You could have a tumor in the testes or adrenal glands. 

  The former is slightly more probable than the latter.
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'I could never be a woman.  I'd spend the entire day playing with my breasts' - Woody Allen

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I'm boobstay, I think you mad a good choice. I'm in a simular sit. my health want let me do anything about it.
Med. probs. have made me impatant anyway. After awhile the bra will be secont nature to ya.
I don't give a danm what people thing either. Humans are to quik to judge!!!! Haven't meet a perfect one yet!!!!!!!!! Just be yourself to hell with opinions!!!!!

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This issue can be condensed to a great degree.

Not everyone is a good candidate for surgery.  The reasons are many, with finances and other medical conditions being only two good examples.  

Most men could not fill a bra so for them this is not an issue.  Others have need of one for physical comfort.  If there is a need, get one that provides the needed support. There is nothing sissy about meeting a legitimate need.

In my own case, I do not need one on a daily basis but ocasionally wear an athletic bra when engaged in active work or recreation to control the jiggle and bounce. If that offends anyone, it is their problem rather than mine.
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Lately I have also discovered the benefit of purses. I mean, why carry around a tiny wallet... just to satisfy society's opinion of what a "man" should be?

A purse holds more, doesn't create a bulge in my pocket, and is also stylish.

And while I'm at it, I have also discovered the benefit of women's underwear. Why be stuck with boring men's boxers of briefs when there is a world of frilly, silk & satin, comfortable, and colourful women's underwear out there.

So yes, to all of you who are wearing women's bras, why stop there? I also encourage you to try out purses and women's underwear while you are at it.

Next step... dresses.

Well, where I come from you don't have too look far to find a man with a "purse" strapped around his waste. Oh... and he'll also be wearing a plaid "skirt" and carrying a small knife in his "stocking". It's called Scotland and you may do well not to comment on his masculinity, call his kilt a skirt or his sporran a purse. 

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I get a lot of pain in my shoulders and my lower back. I really have a feeling its from the gyne. Would that be possible? There are days I think wouldn’t mind having a bra to wear but I just cant do that. I really think its one thing for a 63 year old guy with a wife to do so, but not a seeking 19 year old. I can’t imagine the reaction I would face if my friends or co-workers noticed me wearing a bra. Back in school though, that would have been literally impossible to pull off with any amount of dignity.

BTW I get a LOT of pain. You don’t think that if I can prove my gyne is the cause of a lot of long-term terrible shoulder and back problems I could get health insurance to help me out? Because I swear, I feel like a 60 year old man. Too bad I'm not. Then I could retire and no longer face work’s humiliation. Maybe I should just show up with a bra and let them have it out with me, then sue later for sexual harassment. If I cant go up to those B****s and pinch their nipples then they cant do it to me!
How big are your breasts?  If they're causing back and shoulder pain, I'm sure you can't hide them anyway, meaning you might attract less attention to them if you add a bra to shape and hold them in place anyway.  Otherwise, if they're still small enough to hide but need something to remedy the soreness and irritation of going braless, there are various bras that hide well under certain kinds of shirts.  Tank-style pull-over bras are the easiest to hide, but may not be the most comfortable.  I find them a lot better than nothing though.  If anyone sees an outline at all (which is unlikely), they might just think it's a tank-type undershirt.  The bra I like most right now has that giveaway shape in the back, so I don't wear it when others will see me; but the Hanes MHH559's shape in the back hides much better, and I've been wearing that one a lot recently.  Whatever you wear, you can hide it better under a shirt with dark, inch-wide stripes like in my attached picture where I'm wearing the Hanes HU11 with no undershirt and you'd be pretty hard-pressed to see the outline in the photo (and you'd also have to look pretty hard to see it in person in many lighting conditions).  Its shoulder strap adjusters are in the front; but it does have the hook-and-eye closure in the back.  You can also hide a bra well under a shirt with a dark plaid; and starching the shirt also helps.  I think you could wear something suitable to work to remedy the problem without anyone ever knowing, if you do it right.

On a side note, as I was composing this, I thought about the how some women who are too small to need a bra often times feel forced to wear one.
I remember a girl in high school who fit that description.  The rules required that all girls wear bras, pantyhose, and dresses.  (This was in the 70's.)  I don't remember the rules for boys, probably because I met them without any effort or inconvenience anyway.  I think we boys had it easier.

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I developed my breasts around the age of 13, long before the internet age to help make sense of the situation. 

I was often told back then by many fellow classmates that I needed a bra. Although their comments were not meant to be helpful, it did lead me to try bras in my early teens. I discovered that I did in fact fit a bra well and began to also notice that I felt more comfortable wearing one. I transitioned to wearing a bra full time and am quite satisfied how it controls my breast movement and in general provides comfort that is missing when braless. I also feel it makes my profile look a bit smoother in public.

If I could make my breast tissue suddenly disappear without surgery I would get in line. But really, it has become no big deal to wear a bra full time and I don't even think about it being on most of the time. Once one gets beyond any hang ups that it is a bra, it just works and feels fine and solves an issue with minimal intervention. Who needs the risk of unnecessary surgery. There are a lot of examples of cosmetic surgery that have had questionable results. 
If the bra fits, wear it.


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