Author Topic: Crater deformity, what can I expect  (Read 717 times)

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I had surgery 5 years ago. The deformity appeared very soon during recovery, it was already apparent a few days after the surgery that too much tissue was removed. I was very slim back then but the surgeon still insisted for a complementary liposuction... Definitely not the best choice, which I regret now.

Anyways the crater wasn’t looking so bad to me before when I was slimmer, but now that I have put on some weight, on top of the worsened appearance, I constantly feel a hole in my chest and a tugging/stinging sensation that starts to take a toll on me. I can’t live like this.

I consulted with a surgeon recently who proposed a fat graft to fill the area alongside the release of the tethering scar tissue. He advised me to lose weight before our next appointment as, according to his words, the smaller the graft, the better the results will turn out, even though it might still be underwhelming.

Included are two pictures, relaxed and arm raised.

Do you think this can be recovered? What kind of results can I expect?

Is fat grafting the best method for me? Or are fat flaps more adequate?

Thank you for your answers and your precious help. In

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Fat flap surgery is very costly here in the UK, equivalent to a mortgage downpayment.

Fat transfer is great for 36 hours - l repeat 36 hours. In those 36 hours you will feel wonderful if not for the pain of the operation still lingering. You really will feel and look good.
After 36 hours, your body will get rid of that fat. Believe me, it WILL go. By 96 hours / 4 days, it will be 95% gone. By 10 days it will be 99.9% gone. By 14 days it will be 100% gone.

Fat transfer is a colossal scam, at least for the volume required for crater scars. It may be good for discrete wrinkles on the faces of elderly women, but NO WAY can it hold for the HUGE space required for a crater scar. There's just nothing to keep it in place, no blood supply, no neighbouring tissue.

It's the stupidest and most heartless scam you will hear about. £2000 gone, just like that. Just like that. And that's the cheaper end of the price range.

Never, ever, do fat transfer for crater scars.


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