Author Topic: Working hard is not working out .. what about fat burner?  (Read 3041 times)

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hello guys
 :'( , I go to the gym regularly
all the fats dissapear except that which I want it to ... !!
what about Local Fat Burner ?
it's local so can we  just apply it to that area..
will it work ?
what do you think guys ?
its main component Glycrrhetinic acid and Yohmbine (a1 and b blocker ).

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What I know is that you cannot spot reduce fat,
what you can do is drop your overall fat, your body will take it from there,

Men usually store fat in stomach and chest first, then in Legs, arms and face,

So usually when you trim down, your face is the first to show progress, the rest will follow in reverse order,

So if you gained fat first in the chest, well that's the last place where the body will start burning fat from,
hope this helps.

by the way I've heard about Yohimbe, contradicting reviews actually, some say it works, others it doesn't.
I would only add fat burners, at the last stages of your fat loss plan, and only if your diet is in check as well as cardio and resistance training, no need to waste money and get disapointed by the no results.

Good luck


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