Author Topic: Great Progress.. however unsymetrical  (Read 2987 times)

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So I started working out hard about 2.5 months ago. Since then I have noticed tremendous gains to my chest and overall body. My only concern is that my right chest looks more lean then my left. At the start they were identical. Could this be caused by me being right handed and possibly stronger on my right? What advice do you have to even this out, if possible.


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Same here, only my right side is bigger than left one,
I can feel that most of the fat in my left side is gone, while I can still grab a good amount on my right side,
I could be wrong but I don't think that is fat but rather breast tissues, that's what the Dr. said as well,

Anyway you can only be sure about where you stand when you drop your bf% to less than 10%.

Good luck.

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Congrats on your gains! Have you been bench pressing with a barbell? If so, perhaps switching to dumbbell bench press would help even your chest out. Especially if you think one side of your chest is stronger then the other. Just put the weight down when you can't do anymore with your weaker side.


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