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What would help me?

What am I doing? I have suffered from these breasts from puberty until approximately 14 years.
Now I have my own son, and I would like to go swimming in his kanssaa and be bare-chested in public places.

Contributors to this only with water-jet liposuction?
I have fat on her chest, the nipple and under the hard tissue.

 I was going to drop the weight of 10 pounds and then I am of normal weight.
I have also been many cases of normal weight, but still no boobs, but the source: (

I'll post pictures of a model.
I hope that I could begin to live freely and without shame, and enjoy life.

please helps and give me advice.

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My advise is stay positive and start saving little by little to get the surgery done. God bless

Ps i ended up paying 6500 total. Good luck bro

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Today I went to the doctor.
Time a doctor looked at me and said that the best solution
Water assisted liposuction (Body-Jet)
The doctor said the results have been good and the unit has been used for three years now.
Before the doctor made ​​a liposuction and then removed with a knife hard for peace.
Now, just makes these new liposuction technique.
Body fat intake jet is cut off the tip and at the same time of peace.

I myself am a little confused, that what would be the best solution?
Cutting time is now to be booked 20 days ahead, but, but ..
The doctor assured that this liposuction has worked well for 90 '% of the customers.
Only a few of the liposuction, the treated again.
In my case, the doctor said that afterwards can be cut extra skin if it will interfere with or remove the peace.
The doctor could also be cut with a knife and remove the peace would be liposuction, but said that does not like to do it because it is hard for the body burden, and also in this wal (body-jet) technology provides good results

I am 174cm tall and 86kg in weight.
I am a little overweight, but I did not, however, much more.

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You need to have excision, yours is quite a severe case. There is a surgeon in the UK who does lipo/excision with a specialist bit of kit. But this method sounds a bit farcical

Maybe post this in "ask a surgeon" because a 90% success rate sounds like bad news to me.
Surgery With Alex Karidis - 16/05/09 - Completed!

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Thanks thetodd!

I have just canceled the surgery time.
I'm looking for another doctor who is willing to remove the peace also with a knife in addition to liposuction.


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