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Over the last six months I have grown what you see in the photo. I have always had a large fairly muscular chest until now.

Last month I was tested for T. It was 172.

I take a Beta Blocker and an Ace inhibiter. Started 100 testostorone bi-weekly four weeks ago.

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My wife teases me that my manly chest is sagging a bit. I've had the condition since about the age of 12 but over time the skin is less elastc and it sags more.

You mentioned a couple of possibilities, but said nothing about the worst offenders. Drugs taken to treat or prevent Prostate problems are major offenders when it comes to late onset Gynecomstia. The fact that you have been given Testosterone would seem to rule this out but who knows?

Without knowing the specific kind of Testosterone test and the range of results for that lab I don't know what to make of your testosterone levels. Oddly, too much Testosterone can be just as bad as too little. If the level gets too high, the body reacts by converting the surplus into Estrogen and slowing the normal production of Testosterone.

By the way, I am 75.
Grandpa Dan

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Thanks Paa Paw

Low normal is 280.  Prostrate is ok. My only meds are three hbp drugs.

I also have the Montgomery tubercales around my nipples and the nipples have quadrupled in size.
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