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Gynecomastia is over development of breasts in males. There are a lot of reasons for over development of breasts of men. Most common of these reasons is it being a normal stage of development and it is seen in teenage males. This situation corrects itself within a few years. Entrance of puberty is a stage where a lot of hormonal changes happen. Another common reason for gynecomastia is the use of alcohol and medicine. Because alcohol especially occupies some biochemical functions of the liver, destruction of oestrogen and some steroid-based molecules is reduced and this directly affects breast tissues. Some epilepsy medicines, antidepressants, hormonal medicines, and some blood pressure drugs might cause gynecomastia too.

Other than these, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and drug use can be the cause of gynecomastia. Hormone cycle disorders at old age can also cause this. In gynecomastia, differentiation is done with determination of whether or not the tissue that consists of the breast is fat or glandular. This classification directly affects the type of approach of the operation too. If the increase is caused by fat, a liposuction operation will be enough, whereas if it’s glandular, there is a need to remove breast tissue and it is not possible to achieve this with a liposuction. Because of this, it is useful to examine the breasts using ultrasound before the operation.


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