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This last Wednesday my wife and I went shopping in a nearby town. I was dressed in a bra, a light compression tank top (it just hides my bra line), and of course my new Gloria Vanderbilt jeans with a jean shirt. Now I always wear a jean vest to hide the twins from sight. But today was nice and I am tired of always hiding my body.

We went to a few major stores and I had a great time. I all but forgot what I was wearing and just had a great day with my wife. She even said on the way home how happy and relaxed I was. I was not being provocative or anything, just being me. My wife commented on how I have been calmer since I have retired, more like I was 25 years ago when we first married. Hell, she sent me flowers after our first date and I know then that she got me.

It has taken me a lifetime to figure out who I am and why these breasts came to be on my chest. But once you have a day as I did, you'll never want to go back to worrying about what people will think of you for wearing the clothing that supports YOUR body!

Just had to share or bust (no pun intended)

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My Twins,  I think that's great. 
We so often speak to the fears we have.  I'm so glad to read of the happier moments also.  Good for you.  Sounds like life going forward will be great.  Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing your positive story and outlook.  You have come a long way and are in a good place

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Definitely good to read this Charlie.  Whether we're talking about breasts or not, finding self-acceptance can be key to claiming our aliveness.  We've often hidden our breasts AND made ourselves small so we avoid attention.  Often we carry shame and embarrassment about ourselves.  You seem to be finding a new freedom that has to be refreshing.  Good for you!  And great that your wife noticed and doubtless appreciated who you're becoming... happy, joyous and free.  We all deserve more of that!


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