Author Topic: I owe the group an apology.  (Read 213 times)

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I really am not sure how to explain myself, but I want you all to know I am sorry. I can not continue to lie to this forum about who I am. I am Charli.

A while back I got a strange email from what I now know was a fake account telling me to "lay off all the talk about gender and who I am". I freaked out, to say the least. I left the forum and flushed as much as I could hoping to spare my family any embarrassment. I missed this place so much that I rejoined as Sandy. That was a mistake I am trying to fix. I opened up to my family about how I am and who I am only to be told "We have always known, we thought you knew we knew"! They just felt (much as I do) that it was personal and did not need to be discussed. I explained what happened and was amazed at their answer. They said I need to go back and tell my friends what happened and set things right.

I was wrong to try to hide who I am here among people I call friends and for that I am very sorry. I was not trying to mislead you, but rather hide from whoever sent that email. But I now see that hiding is not the answer for me but rather standing up to this person! 

So here is my answer to anyone that wants to expose me, go ahead and do your worst because I will not live in fear any longer! I will not hide who I am anymore and I will never lie to my friends again about who is typing this post. I am Charli and I am trigender!
Live a full life today, no one is promised tomorrow!

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I like they story behind Sandy, but I understand and am in total agreement. 

I too am done hiding. I am who I am, and that is just the way it is. 
Hiding from enemies was separating me from my friends. The trolls were essentially winning. 

Our path as not for everyone, and will be the very few, but it is a possible route on the estrogen highway. Nothing's wrong with mentioning all possible outcomes in the acceptance end of the forum.😉

When life gives you curves,
flaunt them! 💃

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Apology accepted but not necessary for me. I understand that it takes time to unlearn what we have been told is the only way by "society", the companies that make their money off of telling us we are not enough, and various "leaders" on power trips.

We are the ones that live our lives, and we care about those close to us to share our lives with. I am glad that your interaction with your people went well.

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The ones that need to apologize are the few, and they are few, that have taken upon themselves to self regulate content to their liking only and don't mind using threats to achieve their goals.
None of us as members is the owner of the site and content managers.
If the actual site manager sees something they have a problem with they can address it themselves.

I have decided I won't back down to trolls, all my secrets are already out, so who cares if anyone finds out. 👍

For full disclosure, I am a member of transgender pulse and another site as well that is about the same. I figured it was my business, but I would rather not have that hanging over me in threats. I'm not embarrassed about it, and now it's common knowledge. 

I'm just glad to be back as Birdie💞

Thank y'all 💞

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Something has happened to the forum ?

I have limited use of many hot spots ( i.e. recent unread posts’ and logging out and in hasn’t helped

I also have a message to check my private messages but clicking on ‘ OK’ 
send me to a dead end in the ether 

This is the only place I can get int

Any one have any info ?
Regards, Bob


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