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It's been most of my life, that I've been wearing a bra. I started out with a regular 34B. I started wearing one when I was 13 and been wearing one ever since. I wear sports bras on occasion but I prefer a regular underwire molded cup.

I also believe that bras for men will become much more prevalent in the near future. Between the medications and the hormones in our food, the next generation is bound to have an increase in men choosing to wear a bra.

I, just like most women get up and choose to wear a bra for comfort, support and modesty. I wear a 38G in most of my bras and I realize that my gynecomastia is more severe than most.  But the bra, whether it is a sports bra,  underwire bra, lace bra or no bra at all. It's a personal preference that should be left up to the wearer, male or female.

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I have always had an odd fascination with the pop star and thought her brighter than conventional wisdom suggests so it's nice to report that along with her people she has made a line of bras that are magical.  I to0 have gotten used to the squash of sports bras but prefer both for comfort and frankly 'look' a real bra.  I bought a 38B as they don't make an A at that band size (I am on the cusp of A and B.)  I almost burst into tears after about ten mins.  To feel my breasts so supported and in place.  To have comfortable fabric protecting both the look and feel of the erect nipples- to have a band I don't feel and cups that are attractive looking and soooo comfortable.  The only issue and it's understandable is that the cups are closer together than I might prefer as they are built for a women's trunk. However there is flex and give in the wellmade underside which is wire free and you can pull it and get a better fit.  I will post a pic later but I ADORE this bra!!!  No0 bucks cheap but I bought on sale and it was about 29 bucks and looks like it will last.  I have another bra with wider side support good for how much side boob we guys tend to have. If Jessica bra was thicker on side and wider apart cups it would be a gift from above. LOL


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