Author Topic: Salt and salty food consumption ?!?  (Read 15317 times)

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Hi friends! Now I am doing new research about gynecomastia. I found some new interesting information and i am  trying to build a new theory. You will help me very  much if you answer the question below.

Do you eat a lot of salt or/and salty food ???

My english  is not good, so i can't write the theory here. I will publish it only if the results are promising.

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I have put salt on everything.  I have a severe case from young age.  I know my parents put seasoning on everything.  However, I do know large breast run in my family.

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I do enjoy a bit of added salt... not to excess though.

I would suspect that the majority of us consume way to much salt in our daily diet. Just look on the product labels of the food that you consume... you may be shocked as to what you learn!!!  ;)

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I used to consume alot of sodium, now i cut down, and I don't get bloated any more,
and no more water retentions.

Lots of salt is bad for you.

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Yes, I eat tons of salt.

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I have always eaten a lot salt, but have tried to cut back the past year or so.  No luck with changing my chest much.
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We actually have to much sodium in our daily diet before we even shake or add salt to our food. I stopped using salt several years ago when I heard this.

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Pretty much throughout my life, I have never really eaten much salt or salty foods. Personally, I think salt was created for one thing: French Fries!  ;D

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If excess salt was the reason for gyne you would probably see 90% of the male population with gyne.  You don't.  So salt isn't the cause.

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This thread was one of several from years past about salt.

There were various ideas put forward. For example: Since excess salt causes fluid retention and this excess fluid in turn caused puffy ankles at the end of the day which went down overnight to be replaced by puffy eyes when first arising in the morning; might not the excess fluids also cause puffyness in the breasts which may be more or less pronounced at different times of the day?

An interesting question, but not one that has been answered. In my case I think not. Whenever my blood chemistry is checked the Dr. says i'm a bit dehydrated and my sodium is never excessive.

Still this would be an interesting idea to kick around.
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Excessive use of salt as well as other things can cause water retention. Excessive water retention can cause a heart attack. I speak from experience.

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yes, I do prefer salty one than sweet one. I'm not sure if I eat too much salt or not though.

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I eat some, I don't add much, if it is in the food it is there.  But unlike my mom, I don't add it often.  I just try hard not to.  I like the taste of it. 

But when it comes to a medium-well ribeye... I add salt (sea salt) when I cook it...  Nothing better!


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