Author Topic: Nipple discoloration after unilateral surgery? 4.5 months post surgery  (Read 2978 times)

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My right nipple has been discolored since my surgery... Is there any chance it will come back to normal? Anything I can do? Pictures attached

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I remember seeing your thread a while ago and it kinda sucks that you haven't gotten any replies.  I don't want to give medical replies here but, while I don't know the cause of your discoloration, I'm positive that a visit to a dermatologist could tell you what a solution could be.  I'm pretty sure there are treatments available for general skin discoloration.

However, it seems like the general wisdom given by plastic surgeons is to wait a year after gynecomastia surgery before making judgments about getting adjustments done.  Don't let it get you down too much; I doubt most people would notice it.  


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