Author Topic: Saggy nipples post gyno surgery  (Read 1522 times)

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Hey guy Im 4 weeks post gyno surgery, all the gyno seems to be removed (I only had a little bit behind and to the side of my nipples) 

Now when I get hot and am active my nipple seems to be a bit saggy, the only time they look good is when they are hard, should I be waiting it out or looking to get areola surgery, I had this problem before surgery also :(

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  • it is what it is
top 5% surgeons like elliot j. remove the entire gland so it will never become puffy again and reinforce the nipple with a fat graft to stop it from caving

the other 95% of mediocre to questionable skill surgeons, leave gland behind the nipple to stop caving, which will protrude and eventually look ugly especially in hot and humid environments or during excercise

there's really no fix besides a revision to get rid of the full gland
doctors who insist some gland must be left behind for nipple support are not skilled top surgeons, they are just mediocre surgeons and do not fully understand male aesthetics

people who pay top dollar for the surgery want a flat chest, and that wont often happen if gland is left behind
just an older gyno sufferer


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