Author Topic: what is glandular tissue made of?  (Read 6623 times)

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i heard from a few places that gyno was pretty much just fat. ive had gyno for just over a year and it doesnt bother me that much, as its pretty small. i know you cant target specific places to burn fat, but say you managed to reduce your body fat to something like 6%, maybe it would decrease in size along the way? i only wonder, because i noticed a strange decrease in size after training very hard for a week. I did 3 hours of weight lifting, and took 2 1 hour runs every day, aswell as cutting fatty and sugary foods out. it seems like my gyno has deflated, the nipple is still puffy but less than before and they seem sort of creased. I dont know if this is a coincidence or not, but could someone tell me what's happened?

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Glandular tissue is made up of gland meat.

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Gyno is usually a combination of fat and glandular tissue.  Glandular tissue is NOT fat and will not be go away even at a low bodyfat.  It is tissue that lies under your nipple in front of fat and muscle.  If you go to . You can see how the bodybuilder has a very low body fat % but his nipples were still pointy.  That is because there was gland behind the nipples pushing them out.

However, don't let this discourage you. You probably only have fat, since you said you could notice a difference in size after working out and eating healthy.  So keep lifting weights and eating healthy.


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