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Dr. Jeffords Atlanta
Hello, so I know there have been several topics on Dr. Jeffords but I am looking to find out some recent opinions/ experiences with him.  I live an hour or two away from Atlanta, but from what I have been reading this is the go too doctor for my area.  I had a consultation done with a local PS and his fees were going to run around 6,300, and he didn't even seem to have much experience with the gyne surgery.  Needless to say I was a little sketched out and backed out of the surgery with him.  If you guys could I am interested in knowing the approximate fees with Dr. Jeffords, as well as the opinions of his surgery from some of you who have had surgery done with him.  I'm tired  of living in shame and its time to get something done about it, just trying to make sure I find the best person for the job in my area.  Also, I work in law enforcement (i know, I know, insert smarta$$ comment here) and I was wondering approximate time I could be back on the job.  I'm figuring a week out for sure and then light duty from then on?  Thank you very much for any info! 


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