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I’m 29 years old and have had gyno since I was 12. No amount of workouts or dieting ever changed the shape and size my chest. It made me highly self-conscious; I tug on my shirts all the time and I never go swimming even though I love to swim. I’m constantly thinking of how I look. I have great clothes that look terrible on me because of my chest. It’s just been... pretty sad.

Initially tried to get the surgery through insurance (BCBS) but it wasn’t approved. Finally have enough money now to pay for it myself so I’m doing it!

I have a pre-op appointment coming up in 11 days and I’m not sure what I should be doing between now and then (and the surgery day).

What questions should I ask? Should I be doing any skin regimens? Anything I should mentally prepare for?

Anything information at all will help. Thank you all.

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Hey bro how did your surgery go? How is the recovery process?
I just had mine today a few days ago.


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