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i am just wondering if there is a big difference between the price of a healthy fit person who just has to have a gland removed (i no its not at simple as this but basically cut open and pull out) compared to someone who's operation includes all the awkward stuff like trying to get both breast the same size inverted nipples etc.

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Prices really depend on the surgeon you go to.  Each operation is priced differently.  Most gynecomastia surgeries involve excision + liposuction in the vast majority of cases.  But there are a few that undergo just liposuction or just excision.  The ones who undergo excision usually come out happier than the ones who had lipo only.  Excision will treat gynecomastia directly where as liposuction will not.

Liposuction alone usually costs less than the standard procedure (lipo + excision).  However, the difference in price usually isn't huge.  Excision alone will be lower in price most times too.  It's just when you get both of those methods together that the price goes up.  Each one alone will generally cost less.

But like I said, it varies from surgeon to surgeon.
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